Appendix 4: Story Time Etiquette

Dear Followers,

It pleases me more than you know that you have found us here and on twitter.

First and foremost, we thank you for your encouraging comments, it brings us immense happiness to know that you are enjoying what we are doing on twitter. We hope that you will continue to enjoy each of the stories as time progresses.

For those of you who have recently discovered us or who are new to the entertaining world of role play (RP), a slight modification to the “Contract” *smirk*. In respect for those who are having a conversation that pertains to the story, as well as out of respect for the story itself, the characters will be silent or limit their interaction. However, your comments are most welcome and do not go without notice. And the characters put forth their best efforts to respond to everyone upon completion of their story or at another appropriate time. Your patience in this matter is commendable.


14 thoughts on “Appendix 4: Story Time Etiquette

  1. This trilogy was more than erotica, it was about the light clashing with the dark, healing and self examination. These books are cathartic and self reflective. They also have improved my sex life.

  2. Dear Mr Grey, the aristocracy (particularly the gentlemen) have been brought up in intimate familiarity with disciplinary methods over the centuries. This is thought to ready them for the ownership of estates as well as other aspects of haute monde life. As for ladies, to be sure, lip biting may be construed to be attractive particularly if the lady concerned is pleasing.

    Yrs & c
    Lady TC, Pleasantly Discomposed Countess

  3. Loving the books. Totally addicted. Can you tell me who the guy is in the picture for Christian Grey’s twitter profile. He is totally mesmerising & would be perfect for the movie role.

  4. I am absolutely addicted to fifty shades!! Great story line and never a dull moment. I compare my boyfriend to him all the time.. Oops! So excited for the twitter account and what’s next!!

  5. I have finished all 3 and they are the most amazing books I have EVER read, I feel lost without them ❤❤❤❤ Mr Grey can have twitchey palms withe anytime 💋

  6. Ihave just finished the 1st book and boy let me say I an so excited to read the next two….
    Love u christian and Ana..laters

  7. totally loved the books, im re reading them for the 2nd time. I never read a book so fast cause i could not put them down in my life. I wish I was Ana. I wish she would write more books and i hope they come out with a movie.

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