Ana’s Accepted The Bling, Let’s Help Her Celebrate One Last Fling…

After arduous, though amorous negotiations, Christian Grey has consented to allow Kate to throw her best friend a bachelorette party and you’re all invited! Come, help celebrate Ana‘s one last fling as a single woman. Knowing Kate, she’ll have a few surprises up her sleeve.

@AnaRSteele *Sliding out of Audi in front of Columbia Tower, giving @KateKavanagh_ an appreciative smile* Thanks again for putting this party together.

@KateKavanagh_*Smooths down dress. Puts arm lovingly around @AnaRSteele* Of course! You deserve it!

@AnaRSteele *Eyeing @KateKavanagh_ as we cross the marble floor of the lobby* You didn’t let this get too out of hand, did you?
@KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele *Innocently bats eyes, fake shocked expression* Of course not! Only a select few, as promised. *crosses fingers behind back*
@AnaRSteele *Stepping into elevator, blushing at the memory of @ChristianTGreypulling me into the corner, holding me close as his fingers … *
@AnaRSteele *My salacious memories halted as the doors to the elevator slide open at the 76th floor, revealing @MileHighClubGEH packed with guests.*
‏@AnaRSteele*Mouth gaping open, turning to find a beaming @KateKavanagh_ * THIS is just a few close friends?!
‏@KateKavanagh_*Pulling @AnaRSteele into a hug* Surprise! *Ignoring her shock, turning and beaming at the large turnout.*
@AnaRSteele *Wanting to protest, but seeing how happy @KateKavanagh_ is, how much planning this party has meant to her, and holding my tongue.*
‏@KateKavanagh_*Briefly looks around in awe* Wow! This place looks totally different at night…Niiiice *impressed grin*
@AnaRSteele *Catching sight of @MiaGrey_ barreling towards me, a pink cocktail in one hand and what looks to be a homemade wedding veil in the other.*
@MiaGrey_*Squealing * There’s my new sister! Here put this on. *Handing @AnaRSteele  *
@AnaRSteele *Resisting the urge to roll my eyes, humoring @MiaGrey_ and slipping the satin sash over my head* Thanks, Mia.
@MiaGrey_*Plopping  on @AnaRSteele’s head* Oh , look at you! *fanning eyes* Not going to cry, too much time spent on this make-up
@AnaRSteele *Scanning the room. So many familiar faces,such extravagant decorations. Holy cow, even a DJ set up on the far side of an LED dance floor!*
@MiaGrey_*whispering conspiratorially to @KateKavanagh_* Is everything set for later?
@KateKavanagh_*nodding @MiaGrey_, finger to lips, winking* *grabbing two cosmos from passing waiter*
@KateKavanagh_*Hands one Cosmo to @AnaRSteele before grabbing her hand* Come on! We can’t keep all these people waiting!
@AnaRSteele *Hand flying to my head to keep makeshift veil in place as@KateKavanagh_ yanks me forward into the waiting crowd of guests.*
@KateKavanagh_*Takes mic from DJ to make an announcement. Performs a mic check* Test. Test. *louder* Good evening Ladies!
@KateKavanagh_ As we know, @AnaRSteele has accepted the bling *takes her hand and shows ring to crowd* Who knew rich and handsome was her thing? *winks*
@KateKavanagh_ To my best friend, the future bride, hang on tight and enjoy the ride! *enthusiastically raises my drink* LET’S PARTY! @AnaRSteele
@MileHighClubGEH LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It – 
@AnaRSteele @Blshng50Shades Thanks Jennifer! Yes, @KateKavanagh_ and@MiaGrey_ did a great job!
@MileHighClubGEH Cosmopolitan and Martini Bar is open –
@KateKavanagh_ EEE!!! *HUGS @Scorpio_Caro* So glad you could make it!@AnaRSteele
@MileHighClubGEH Please help yourselves –
 ‏@AnaRSteele *hugging @Scorpio_Caro* Thanks for coming, Carolina! @KateKavanagh_
@KateKavanagh_What do you think? Nice, huh. *nodding* @TexasVamp @MileHighClubGEH

@MileHighClubGEH Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor ft. Pitbull – 

@cduffie31 @KateKavanagh_ it turned out beautiful @AnaRSteele *hugs* congrats you look amazing
‏@MileHighClubGEH Non alcoholic beverages for our designated drivers – Apple Ginger Sparkler –
 ‏@AnaRSteele Aww, thanks, @cduffie31! Looks like @KateKavanagh_ really out did herself!
‏@MileHighClubGEH Maroon 5 – One More Night – 
 ‏@AnaRSteele So glad you’re here! *hugging @pantone431@KateKavanagh_
@MrsRizzzough @AnaRSteele @KateKavanagh_ *raises glass* Let’s drink to that!!

‏@KateKavanagh_ *raises glass* CHEERS!!! @MrsRizzzough @AnaRSteele

@AnaRSteele *raising my glass in return* Thank you, @MrsRizzzough !@KateKavanagh_

 ‏@SweetKimmyGirl  *walks up to @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele * Hey girls! Everything looks great! *gives Ana big hug* Congrats! Let’s get this party started!
@AnaRSteele *hugging @SweetKimmyGirl* Thanks Kimmy, all the credit goes to@KateKavanagh_ !
 @MileHighClubGEH Mini French Fries to accompany your sliders -
@AnaRSteele *Raising my Cosmo to toast @LyMoZe* Thank you for coming Lynn!@KateKavanagh_
@FiftyGirl1  @KateKavanagh_ @MiaGrey_ You gals did a beautiful job with the party! @AnaRSteele Congratulations!! *kisses both cheeks.
‏@AnaRSteele *Nodding in agreement with @FiftyGirl1*@KateKavanagh_ and @MiaGrey_ did an amazing job. This place looks great!
@AnaRSteele Oh, a Martini Bar! RT @MileHighClubGEH Cosmopolitan and Martini Bar is open –
@KateKavanagh_ *goes to the bar and orders a Sex on the Beach drink* *Makes my way back to @AnaRSteele, drink held in the air*
@MileHighClubGEH Scallops Wrapped in Bacon –
@KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele Here you go, hun! *winks* Sex on the Beach…speaking of, where’s Grey taking you on your honeymoon?
‏@AnaRSteele Sex on the Beach, huh? *Taking drink from @KateKavanagh_ * No, I have no idea where we’re going on honeymoon. @ChristianTGreywon’t tell me!
@KateKavanagh_*holding @AnaRSteele‘s hand* Wait! Before you drink, use this *hands her a special straw
@AnaRSteele *choking on my drink as @KateKavanagh_ hands me a…penis straw?*
@KateKavanagh_*winks @AnaRSteele* Practice makes perfect *giggles*
 ‏@DarlaRae @AnaRSteele @katekavanagh_ hahhahah! At least the cake isn’t shaped that way
@KateKavanagh_*rolling eyes @DarlaRae* Please! Penis shaped cakes are so cliche! *winks* *whispers* Rocky Road is better @AnaRSteele
@MileHighClubGEH JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FEAT. MISSY ELLIOT-Οfficial Sexyback remix – 
@AnaRSteele Thanks Michelle, so funny! RT @AntShellie I have a little gift for@AnaRSteele …
@juliebstroop @KateKavanagh_ Hi Kate! Looks great! @AnaRSteele You both look stunning!!
@KateKavanagh_ @juliebstroop Thanks, hun! You look breathtaking yourself!@AnaRSteele
‏@AnaRSteele *Handing @juliebstroop a martini from a passing tray* Thanks for coming, Julie! @KateKavanagh_
@MrsRizzzough *walking over to @KateKavanagh_ @pantone431 @AnaRSteele * Ana you look amazing, Kate you did an AMAZING job and Ms. Rose hot shoes girl!!!
@KateKavanagh_Can you walk ok? *eying your new shoes* @pantone431 @AnaRSteele
@pantone431 @MrsRizzzough @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele Thank you!!! 😀 Nice dress!
 ‏@MrsRizzzough @pantone431 @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele Oh this old thing? glad you like it! I thought it might be a little short. 😉
@KateKavanagh_ HELLO! .@MrsRizzzough One word: HOT!!! @AnaRSteele
@Amy_143 Raising a glass to @AnaRSteele at the @MileHighClubGEHwith @KateKavanagh_ and @MiaGrey_
@KateKavanagh_*raising glass* Plenty more where that came from! @Amy_143 @AnaRSteele@MileHighClubGEH @MiaGrey_
‏@AnaRSteele Thanks @Amy_143 *taking another sip of my “Sex on the Beach”*@MileHighClubGEH @KateKavanagh_ @MiaGrey_
@AnaRSteele @Yesy_18 *laughing* @ChristianTGrey is likely home pacing the great room, worrying that I’ll get into trouble. *rolling eyes*
@CRISNASERENA @KateKavanagh_ @MileHighClubGEH ready to party with u girls

@KateKavanagh_ @CRISNASERENA *uses finger to motion you to dance floor* Come on! @MileHighClubGEH

@MileHighClubGEH Nicki Minaj – Super Bass – 
‏@AnaRSteele *noticing A’s on the cupcakes* So cute! RT @MileHighClubGEHDessert Bar -
@Thtz_Lissaaaa @AnaRSteele @KateKavanagh_ ordering me a strong island and grooving to the beat…. Congrats Ana!!!
‏@AnaRSteele *raising my glass in return* Thank you, @MrsRizzzough !@KateKavanagh_
@MileHighClubGEH It’s Britney Bitch – Breathe on Me – 
@AnaRSteele *Taking mini-slider from @Scorpio_Caro* Thanks, Carolina, these are delicious! @KateKavanagh_
 ‏@AnaRSteele *waving across the dance floor to @aisydaisylady* Hi Jennifer, so glad you made it! @KateKavanagh_
@KateKavanagh_@CRISNASERENA Want a straw? Plenty to go around! *passes straws around*
@AnaRSteele *blushing, taking a sip through the penis straw @KateKavanagh_gave me* You’re right, @LindaG516, it’s really good!
@AnaRSteele *spotting @divastyle99* Be sure to grab a Maragarita on your way to the dance floor, Cassie! @KateKavanagh_ @MiaGrey_
@MileHighClubGEH Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger – 
@KateKavanagh_ *holds both @aisydaisylady‘s hands and does a wave*@MileHighClubGEH @AnaRSteele
@Sheree_Osborne @AnaRSteele @KateKavanagh_ Hey girls just dropping in quickly to say have a great party. Sorry I can’t stick around for more than one drink.
@KateKavanagh_ *hands @Sheree_Osborne a Cosmo* Awww…why? @AnaRSteele
@AnaRSteele @Sheree_Osborne Hi Sheree, thanks for stopping in…wish you could stay longer! @KateKavanagh_
@KateKavanagh_ *pulling @AnaRSteele to the side of the bar. Nodding at bartender to hand me her gift* Now, hun…I know what goes on behind closed doors.
@KateKavanagh_*eyes glossing recalling infamous email* *shakes head* Anyway, hope you enjoy this.*lascivious grin* I know Grey
@AnaRSteele *turning bright red* Holy Shit! RT @KateKavanagh_ hope you enjoy this.*lascivious grin* I know Grey will.
@BeaGrlFrmSydney @AnaRSteele @katekavanagh_ besides tearing it up, he can now chew it as well! Woohoo!
@KateKavanagh_*Hugs @AnaRSteele* and for nights two, three, four… *assessing her reaction* Hope you like them.
@AnaRSteele Oh, wow! *knowing @ChristianTGrey will.* RT @KateKavanagh_…and for nights two, three, four… Hope you like
@MrsRizzzough @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele Kate have you experimented with this lingerie with your very own Grey man? *winks*
@KateKavanagh_ *Blushing* I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise. @MrsRizzzough@AnaRSteele

@AnaRSteele *overhearing @DarlaRae* Did you say cake pop? Yum! Grab me one? @SweetKimmyGirl @MileHighClubGEH @KateKavanagh_@MiaGrey_

@DarlaRae @AnaRSteele @sweetkimmygirl @milehighclubgeh @katekavanagh_@miagrey_ I did!!! *grabs one off the table and heads back* here you go!
@AnaRSteele *laughing * No way *shaking my head @DRBgirl@ChristianTGreyknows this is “Ladies Only” @Yesy_18
@NotAPnkHat Looks like the #BachelorettePartyForAna is in full swing@MileHighClubGEH Good evening ladies! @AnaRSteele@KateKavanagh_
@AnaRSteele *hugging @NotAPnkHat* So glad you’re here Christine! @MileHighClubGEH @KateKavanagh_
@AnaRSteele *taking enormous gift basking from @mikanda_29* Oh my gosh, thank you! So glad you could make it to the party!
@AnaRSteele *mouth dropping open* RT @pantone431 *hands @AnaRSteele a gift* *whispers* Remember our leather conversation?*winks*
@AnaRSteele Oh. My. God. RT @CRISNASERENA @AnaRSteele … I hope u and@ChristianTGrey have fun with it, Congrats
@AnaRSteele Thank you, it’s beautiful! RT @cduffie31 *handing @AnaRSteele her gift.. with her & @ChristianTGrey‘s initials*
@DarlaRae @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele @SweetKimmyGirl @cduffie31 ok these damn things have to go *tosses shoes under a booth* now I can dance !

@SweetKimmyGirl @DarlaRae OH! Get it girl!!! @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele @cduffie31

‏@cduffie31 @SweetKimmyGirl @darlarae @katekavanagh_ @anarsteele*shaking it down shouting* when ya down down
@KateKavanagh_ Now, now, ladies! *smirks* Carry on. @SweetKimmyGirl @cduffie31@DarlaRae @AnaRSteele
‏@danapharand @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele Heyy girls! I’m so so sorry for being late!!! I got tied up!! You girls are looking HOT! Kate those shoes! 😮
@KateKavanagh_ *winks .@danapharand* Tied up…riiiight *HUGS* So glad you’re here!@AnaRSteele

@TexasVamp @katekavanagh_ @milehighclubgeh OMG!! Over the top as it should be! Where are the shots??

@KateKavanagh_*points to bar* Have at it! @TexasVamp @MileHighClubGEH

‏@KateKavanagh_ *Smiling mischievously at the sight of the hunky @StripperMike sauntering in the club looking all official and under the radar.*

@StripperMike *Shoulders rolling, side stepping through the throng of women* Excuse me, we’ve been getting reports of a rowdy group up here.
‏@StripperMike Everyone sit down. Take a seat *resting my hands on my belt* We’re going to be here for a while.
‏@StripperMike *Heading straight for the woman in a make-shift veil* You don’t have anything sharp I can stick myself with, do you? @AnaRSteele
@AnaRSteele *Momentary panic as officer approaches. Getting a closer look, noticing he’s not carrying a gun and realizing what Kate’s done.* Oh, no….
‏@StripperMike *cocking a grin* Good, because I do. *Ripping open my shirt, backing@AnaRSteele down into the nearest chair*
@KateKavanagh_Wooo hooo! *Running up to @AnaRSteele shoving a wad of singles in her hand* Go, Ana!
‏@StripperMike *Lazily turning around to face the crowd of beautiful ladies, winking @SweetKimmyyGirl, reaching down and tearing away my pants.*
@StripperMike *Straddling the bride-to-be, gyrating my hips, stomach muscles flexing and releasing with each move.* @AnaRSteele
@AnaRSteele *Knowing my face is turning as red as the playroom walls, trying not to stare at the enormous satin bulge being thrust towards me.*
@StripperMike Got yourself a handful there, little lady, well almost, tuck one of them hands on in there.*rolling my hips* Drop a single. @AnaRSteele
@AnaRSteele *Giving in to the chanting crowd and tucking a dollar bill inside the tiny scrap of material @StripperMike calls a costume.*
@ChristianTGrey *Malevolent stare penetrating across the room, muscles tightening with rage at this fucking guy’s cock shoved in my fiance’s face.*
@ChristianTGrey *Vibrating with barely restrained violence, acting on impulse and stalking in long determined steps to @AnaRSteele*
@ChristianTGrey *Locking my fist at the back of @StripperMike’s throat and yanking the bastard back, sending him stumbling.*
@ChristianTGrey *Glaring @AnaRSteele, my pulse throbbing viciously* This would be when you tell me what the fuck you are doing, Anastasia?
@AnaRSteele *Oh shit!* Christian, what are you doing here? *The sight of@LukeSawyerGEH standing behind @ChristianTGrey telling me all I need to know.*
@KateKavanagh_ *Marching up, the scene on full display* @ChristianTGrey Get a grip, Grey. Just showing the bride a good –
@ChristianTGrey *In a haze of warped anger narrowing my eyes and cutting@KateKavanagh_ off * Stay out of this, Katherine. You’ve done enough.
 ‏@AnaRSteele *Watching @ChristianTGrey and @KateKavanagh_ locked in a venomous glare. Instinctively stepping between them. * Let me handle this, Kate.
@MiaGrey_*Darting forward all to-the-rescue like and stopping along side@ChristianTGrey* Christian, this is all in good fun. I mean, seriously.
@ChristianTGrey *Shifting my icy stare over to @MiaGrey_ effectively silencing her ill conceived logic.*
@ChristianTGrey@AnaRSteele *Running a hand through my hair, the muscle working in my jaw* Get your things. We’re leaving.
@AnaRSteele Don’t be ridiculous, Christian, the party has barely gotten started.@ChristianTGrey
@ChristianTGrey @AnaRSteele *snapping* Now, Anastasia. *holding out my arm in the general direction of the exit.*
@AnaRSteele *Blinking, @ChristianTGrey’s harsh tone making me feel like an errant child but not wanting to cause any more of a scene.* Okay.
‏@AnaRSteele *Turning to find @KateKavanagh_ holding my purse and coat. Taking them from her, offering a half-hearted smile and mouthing* Sorry.
@KateKavanagh_ *Smiling apologetically @AnaRSteele* No, I’m sorry. Call me later when you have a *glancing @ChristianTGrey* free moment.
@ChristianTGrey *My hand firmly cupping @AnaRSteele’s elbow, guiding her through@MileHighClubGEH and into a waiting elevator.*
@KateKavanagh_ *Texting @ElliotGrey_* Looks like I’ll be home earlier than I thought. I’ll explain Laters. Kate.*send*
@StripperMike *Throwing an arm around @Scorpio_Caro and the other around@LyMoZe* Let me show you ladies what I do for a twenty. *grinning*
 ‏@AnaRSteele *Enduring an excruciatingly silent car ride, my anger toward@ChristianTGrey’s thermonuclear reaction growing with each passing mile.*

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