Commemorating One Year at Grey House

One year ago, on February 17th, 2012, Grey House (Fifty Shades of Grey on Twitter) was established. It’s rather difficult to believe that this milestone is upon us. It would not be the remarkable experience that it is without your contribution and support, which we value beyond measure. We are most honored by you, our followers.

The world of Fifty Shades could only be brought to life by re-telling Christian and Ana’s story, beginning with Fifty Shades of Grey, continuing onto Fifty Shades Darker and currently, Fifty Shades Freed. Over the course of time, we have expanded, extracting and bringing to life events that might be otherwise unexplored.

We reminisce with pride on what we have brought to you to date. Our kindest regards and deepest gratitude as we embark on another year.


Grey House


A Rare Interview Granted by Christian Grey – A Fifty Shades Fantasy Comes True

Few things capture my interest, granting interviews is not one of them. Inane questions from ill informed individuals, more interested in my private life than the innovative accomplishments of my company. However, on this rare occasion I found myself granting an interview to Ann Marie Walker


I couldn’t rent an Audi at Sea-Tac.
I shouldn’t have been surprised really. The odds that an airport car rental company would have luxury sports cars available had to be pretty slim. Instead I settled for a Prius and while it is a far cry from an R8, it handles well as I pull onto the rain soaked highway for the drive to Grey House, the global headquarters of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. The company’s CEO, a self-made billionaire at only 27 years of age, has granted me an interview and I have spent the past month soliciting questions from my blog readers. Normally I wouldn’t fly across the country to interview a subject, but to my knowledge Christian Grey has only given interviews on two other occasions: to the student newspaper at Washington State and to financial journalist BG Willis. Besides, if he’s half as handsome as he looks in photos, the four hour flight will have been well worth it.
It’s still raining when I park the car, which seems only fitting given Seattle’s reputation, and I struggle to keep dry under the flimsy umbrella I purchased at the airport gift shop. As I wait to cross the street I notice an enormous puddle has formed at the intersection. I’m so busy contemplating how best to maneuver around it that I don’t see the approaching van until it’s too late to avoid being drenched. Squeezing my eyes closed, I brace myself for the inevitable tidal wave but it never arrives. When I open my eyes I am disoriented, but also dry…and standing a good five feet from the curb. What the?
“Are you lost?” someone asks as if reading my confused mind.
I don’t answer at first, still trying to reconcile what has happened. “Maybe,” I finally say, turning to face the man standing next to me. He is impossibly handsome with the most perfect, albeit ghostly pale, skin I’ve ever seen. His hair is the same dark copper as the man I’m about to interview, but his eyes are what truly stand out as they are the most unusual shade of gold. I catch myself staring and quickly shift my gaze to the spot near the curb where I could have sworn I’d been standing just a minute ago.
“Was I…I mean, did I…” I stop talking, unsure how to ask such a ridiculous question. You are losing it, Walker.
The stranger eyes me quizzically.
“Never mind,” I say, opting to ask for directions instead. I switch the umbrella to my other hand and fish a piece of paper from my jacket pocket. “Do you know where this building is by any chance?” I ask, showing him the street address for GEH’s corporate headquarters.
He glances at the paper and I see a flicker of recognition in his eyes. “Grey House? Yes, my sister works there.” He places a hand on my shoulder and turns me so I’m facing south. “Two more blocks and you’ll see it on the left. Big glass and steel building, you can’t miss it.”
I steal a peek at my watch and am relieved to see I still have twenty minutes until my meeting with Mr. Grey. “Great…” I begin, but when I turn around he’s gone. “Thanks,” I finish saying to no one in particular.
My mysterious tour guide was correct; there is certainly no missing Grey House. Twenty stories high, the modern office building looks as though it has been plucked from the pages of an architectural magazine. At the lobby reception desk, a lovely blonde woman dressed in black asks for my identification. She cross references it with the information on her computer screen before handing it back to me along with a clip-on badge marked “Visitor”.
“Take the elevators to the twentieth floor,” she instructs, pointing a well manicured hand to a bank of elevators flanked by two imposing security guards.
When I reach my destination, I am confronted by yet another perfectly coiffed blonde and I begin to wish I’d at least had time to get a few highlights in my brown hair. “Welcome, Ms. Walker,” she says the minute I step out of the elevator. Her personal greeting surprises me until I recall the first receptionist typing my information into the lobby computer. “Mr. Grey, will be with you momentarily.” She offers to take my coat and umbrella and instructs me to have a seat on one of the white leather couches.
As I sink into the oversized sofa I instantly regret my choice of outfit. Originally I’d planned on wearing my standard black dress pants from Ann Taylor, but changed my mind at the last second in favor of a fitted skirt. The cut is barely above the knee, but rather ill designed for sitting on such a deep couch. When the receptionist is distracted, I struggle rather awkwardly to my feet and walk over to the wall of windows. For a moment I am lost in the breathtaking views of Seattle’s skyline until the sound of a door opening breaks the spell. Another blonde, this one worthy of a fashion show runway, emerges from Mr. Grey’s office. Her hair cascades in soft, wave-like curls down her back and she has the same pale skin and goldenrod eyes as the mystery man on the street. Ah, probably the sister, I think to myself.
The receptionist jumps to attention. “Would you like me to call for your car, Ms. Hale?”
“No, I’m going to stop by my office first,” she replies with a cool smile before heading off in the direction of the elevators.
There is a soft buzzing sound and I watch as the receptionist raises her hand to the small earpiece hidden discreetly behind her blonde hair. “Mr. Grey will see you now,” she informs me, waving her hand in the direction of the oversized wood door.
I take a deep breath and push the door open, having no idea what to expect on the other side.
I open the door and am surprised to find Christian Grey, billionaire industrialist, gracefully crossing the expanse of his office to greet me. As he approaches I notice him expeditiously assess my hem line before extending his hand.
“Good afternoon, Ms. Walker,” he says, flashing a dazzling grin. “I’m Christian Grey.”
Holy Smokes, the pictures don’t even begin to do him justice. I expected him to be attractive, but the man standing before me is downright gorgeous. He’s taller than I imagined and when he smiles, looks even younger than his twenty seven years. He’s dressed sharply in a dark suit, white shirt, and silver gray tie that make him appear every bit the powerful CEO.
“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Grey.” I take his hand and feel a flutter of butterflies in the pit of my stomach. “Thank you for agreeing to speak with me.”
“My pleasure, Ms. Walker.” His tone seems sincere, but I suspect my persistence paid off only at the urging of his PR department to indulge the press with more than the occasional interview.
“Would you like to sit?” he asks, waving his hand in the direction of a chair functionally positioned in front of his desk. To my relief, it’s firmer than the couch in the reception area and I am able to perch on the edge without issue.  Mr. Grey waits for me to take my seat before strolling around his desk. It is modern, made of dark wood and bigger than my dining room table. He lowers himself into his leather chair, beyond which nearly all of Seattle is visible.
“That’s quite an impressive view,” I note, not merely referring to the one outside.
His lips twitch with a trace of amusement. “Yes, it is,” he replies without bothering to look out the floor to ceiling windows behind him.
As I take in the rest of my surroundings, it becomes quite clear that Christian Grey is a firm believer in monochromatic decor. With the exception of the desk and a small coffee table, nearly everything else in the room is white – ceilings, carpet, walls, couches. There are a series of small paintings arranged on the far wall, but everything else is as sterile as a hospital.
“Not a fan of color?” I ask.
He cocks his head to one side. “On the contrary, I simply prefer an uncluttered and clean work environment. Functional.” He pauses, his bright gray eyes locking on mine, and I completely lose my train of thought. A brief moment of silence passes.  “Ready when you are, Ms. Walker.”
 “Um…yes…” I stutter, snapping out of my trance. I dig through my purse and out of the corner of my eye notice him raise an eyebrow in anticipation. “Do you mind if I use this, Mr. Grey?” I ask, holding up my digital recorder. His expression seems to be a mixture of surprise and relief. What was he expecting, a mini-disc recorder?

“Not at all,” he replies, resting his elbow on the arm of the chair and stroking his lip with his index finger. My eyes linger on his mouth before I catch myself and quickly scan my notes. I smile briefly when I realize how appropriate the first question is given the fact that I am suddenly acting like a star struck teen.

If you want more, I endeavor to give it to you HERE

Ann Marie Walker is author of the novel “Hollywood Ending” and currently represented by Pamela Harty of the Knight Agency.

Through good times and in bad, from this moment on…

Dear Followers,

We have reached a significant milestone in our story with with the conclusion of Fifty Shades Darker. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to…*smirks* dominate your timelines. To those of you who are new in joining us, welcome to our world. Thank you to all who have been with us from the beginning and who have followed along the way. We are profoundly grateful for your continuous support.

But we’re not finished with you yet.

Got your attention now, haven’t I?…*eyes imperceptibly narrowing* Answer me. Good. Please join us as we move into Fifty Shades Freed; the next chapter of  Ana and Christian’s lives on December 8th, 2012. We look forward to your attendance.

Sincerest thanks from everyone here at Grey House

“He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Ana’s Accepted The Bling, Let’s Help Her Celebrate One Last Fling…

After arduous, though amorous negotiations, Christian Grey has consented to allow Kate to throw her best friend a bachelorette party and you’re all invited! Come, help celebrate Ana‘s one last fling as a single woman. Knowing Kate, she’ll have a few surprises up her sleeve.

@AnaRSteele *Sliding out of Audi in front of Columbia Tower, giving @KateKavanagh_ an appreciative smile* Thanks again for putting this party together.

@KateKavanagh_*Smooths down dress. Puts arm lovingly around @AnaRSteele* Of course! You deserve it!

@AnaRSteele *Eyeing @KateKavanagh_ as we cross the marble floor of the lobby* You didn’t let this get too out of hand, did you?
@KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele *Innocently bats eyes, fake shocked expression* Of course not! Only a select few, as promised. *crosses fingers behind back*
@AnaRSteele *Stepping into elevator, blushing at the memory of @ChristianTGreypulling me into the corner, holding me close as his fingers … *
@AnaRSteele *My salacious memories halted as the doors to the elevator slide open at the 76th floor, revealing @MileHighClubGEH packed with guests.*
‏@AnaRSteele*Mouth gaping open, turning to find a beaming @KateKavanagh_ * THIS is just a few close friends?!
‏@KateKavanagh_*Pulling @AnaRSteele into a hug* Surprise! *Ignoring her shock, turning and beaming at the large turnout.*
@AnaRSteele *Wanting to protest, but seeing how happy @KateKavanagh_ is, how much planning this party has meant to her, and holding my tongue.*
‏@KateKavanagh_*Briefly looks around in awe* Wow! This place looks totally different at night…Niiiice *impressed grin*
@AnaRSteele *Catching sight of @MiaGrey_ barreling towards me, a pink cocktail in one hand and what looks to be a homemade wedding veil in the other.*
@MiaGrey_*Squealing * There’s my new sister! Here put this on. *Handing @AnaRSteele  *
@AnaRSteele *Resisting the urge to roll my eyes, humoring @MiaGrey_ and slipping the satin sash over my head* Thanks, Mia.
@MiaGrey_*Plopping  on @AnaRSteele’s head* Oh , look at you! *fanning eyes* Not going to cry, too much time spent on this make-up
@AnaRSteele *Scanning the room. So many familiar faces,such extravagant decorations. Holy cow, even a DJ set up on the far side of an LED dance floor!*
@MiaGrey_*whispering conspiratorially to @KateKavanagh_* Is everything set for later?
@KateKavanagh_*nodding @MiaGrey_, finger to lips, winking* *grabbing two cosmos from passing waiter*
@KateKavanagh_*Hands one Cosmo to @AnaRSteele before grabbing her hand* Come on! We can’t keep all these people waiting!
@AnaRSteele *Hand flying to my head to keep makeshift veil in place as@KateKavanagh_ yanks me forward into the waiting crowd of guests.*
@KateKavanagh_*Takes mic from DJ to make an announcement. Performs a mic check* Test. Test. *louder* Good evening Ladies!
@KateKavanagh_ As we know, @AnaRSteele has accepted the bling *takes her hand and shows ring to crowd* Who knew rich and handsome was her thing? *winks*
@KateKavanagh_ To my best friend, the future bride, hang on tight and enjoy the ride! *enthusiastically raises my drink* LET’S PARTY! @AnaRSteele
@MileHighClubGEH LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It – 
@AnaRSteele @Blshng50Shades Thanks Jennifer! Yes, @KateKavanagh_ and@MiaGrey_ did a great job!
@MileHighClubGEH Cosmopolitan and Martini Bar is open –
@KateKavanagh_ EEE!!! *HUGS @Scorpio_Caro* So glad you could make it!@AnaRSteele
@MileHighClubGEH Please help yourselves –
 ‏@AnaRSteele *hugging @Scorpio_Caro* Thanks for coming, Carolina! @KateKavanagh_
@KateKavanagh_What do you think? Nice, huh. *nodding* @TexasVamp @MileHighClubGEH

@MileHighClubGEH Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor ft. Pitbull – 

@cduffie31 @KateKavanagh_ it turned out beautiful @AnaRSteele *hugs* congrats you look amazing
‏@MileHighClubGEH Non alcoholic beverages for our designated drivers – Apple Ginger Sparkler –
 ‏@AnaRSteele Aww, thanks, @cduffie31! Looks like @KateKavanagh_ really out did herself!
‏@MileHighClubGEH Maroon 5 – One More Night – 
 ‏@AnaRSteele So glad you’re here! *hugging @pantone431@KateKavanagh_
@MrsRizzzough @AnaRSteele @KateKavanagh_ *raises glass* Let’s drink to that!!

‏@KateKavanagh_ *raises glass* CHEERS!!! @MrsRizzzough @AnaRSteele

@AnaRSteele *raising my glass in return* Thank you, @MrsRizzzough !@KateKavanagh_

 ‏@SweetKimmyGirl  *walks up to @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele * Hey girls! Everything looks great! *gives Ana big hug* Congrats! Let’s get this party started!
@AnaRSteele *hugging @SweetKimmyGirl* Thanks Kimmy, all the credit goes to@KateKavanagh_ !
 @MileHighClubGEH Mini French Fries to accompany your sliders -
@AnaRSteele *Raising my Cosmo to toast @LyMoZe* Thank you for coming Lynn!@KateKavanagh_
@FiftyGirl1  @KateKavanagh_ @MiaGrey_ You gals did a beautiful job with the party! @AnaRSteele Congratulations!! *kisses both cheeks.
‏@AnaRSteele *Nodding in agreement with @FiftyGirl1*@KateKavanagh_ and @MiaGrey_ did an amazing job. This place looks great!
@AnaRSteele Oh, a Martini Bar! RT @MileHighClubGEH Cosmopolitan and Martini Bar is open –
@KateKavanagh_ *goes to the bar and orders a Sex on the Beach drink* *Makes my way back to @AnaRSteele, drink held in the air*
@MileHighClubGEH Scallops Wrapped in Bacon –
@KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele Here you go, hun! *winks* Sex on the Beach…speaking of, where’s Grey taking you on your honeymoon?
‏@AnaRSteele Sex on the Beach, huh? *Taking drink from @KateKavanagh_ * No, I have no idea where we’re going on honeymoon. @ChristianTGreywon’t tell me!
@KateKavanagh_*holding @AnaRSteele‘s hand* Wait! Before you drink, use this *hands her a special straw
@AnaRSteele *choking on my drink as @KateKavanagh_ hands me a…penis straw?*
@KateKavanagh_*winks @AnaRSteele* Practice makes perfect *giggles*
 ‏@DarlaRae @AnaRSteele @katekavanagh_ hahhahah! At least the cake isn’t shaped that way
@KateKavanagh_*rolling eyes @DarlaRae* Please! Penis shaped cakes are so cliche! *winks* *whispers* Rocky Road is better @AnaRSteele
@MileHighClubGEH JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FEAT. MISSY ELLIOT-Οfficial Sexyback remix – 
@AnaRSteele Thanks Michelle, so funny! RT @AntShellie I have a little gift for@AnaRSteele …
@juliebstroop @KateKavanagh_ Hi Kate! Looks great! @AnaRSteele You both look stunning!!
@KateKavanagh_ @juliebstroop Thanks, hun! You look breathtaking yourself!@AnaRSteele
‏@AnaRSteele *Handing @juliebstroop a martini from a passing tray* Thanks for coming, Julie! @KateKavanagh_
@MrsRizzzough *walking over to @KateKavanagh_ @pantone431 @AnaRSteele * Ana you look amazing, Kate you did an AMAZING job and Ms. Rose hot shoes girl!!!
@KateKavanagh_Can you walk ok? *eying your new shoes* @pantone431 @AnaRSteele
@pantone431 @MrsRizzzough @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele Thank you!!! 😀 Nice dress!
 ‏@MrsRizzzough @pantone431 @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele Oh this old thing? glad you like it! I thought it might be a little short. 😉
@KateKavanagh_ HELLO! .@MrsRizzzough One word: HOT!!! @AnaRSteele
@Amy_143 Raising a glass to @AnaRSteele at the @MileHighClubGEHwith @KateKavanagh_ and @MiaGrey_
@KateKavanagh_*raising glass* Plenty more where that came from! @Amy_143 @AnaRSteele@MileHighClubGEH @MiaGrey_
‏@AnaRSteele Thanks @Amy_143 *taking another sip of my “Sex on the Beach”*@MileHighClubGEH @KateKavanagh_ @MiaGrey_
@AnaRSteele @Yesy_18 *laughing* @ChristianTGrey is likely home pacing the great room, worrying that I’ll get into trouble. *rolling eyes*
@CRISNASERENA @KateKavanagh_ @MileHighClubGEH ready to party with u girls

@KateKavanagh_ @CRISNASERENA *uses finger to motion you to dance floor* Come on! @MileHighClubGEH

@MileHighClubGEH Nicki Minaj – Super Bass – 
‏@AnaRSteele *noticing A’s on the cupcakes* So cute! RT @MileHighClubGEHDessert Bar -
@Thtz_Lissaaaa @AnaRSteele @KateKavanagh_ ordering me a strong island and grooving to the beat…. Congrats Ana!!!
‏@AnaRSteele *raising my glass in return* Thank you, @MrsRizzzough !@KateKavanagh_
@MileHighClubGEH It’s Britney Bitch – Breathe on Me – 
@AnaRSteele *Taking mini-slider from @Scorpio_Caro* Thanks, Carolina, these are delicious! @KateKavanagh_
 ‏@AnaRSteele *waving across the dance floor to @aisydaisylady* Hi Jennifer, so glad you made it! @KateKavanagh_
@KateKavanagh_@CRISNASERENA Want a straw? Plenty to go around! *passes straws around*
@AnaRSteele *blushing, taking a sip through the penis straw @KateKavanagh_gave me* You’re right, @LindaG516, it’s really good!
@AnaRSteele *spotting @divastyle99* Be sure to grab a Maragarita on your way to the dance floor, Cassie! @KateKavanagh_ @MiaGrey_
@MileHighClubGEH Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger – 
@KateKavanagh_ *holds both @aisydaisylady‘s hands and does a wave*@MileHighClubGEH @AnaRSteele
@Sheree_Osborne @AnaRSteele @KateKavanagh_ Hey girls just dropping in quickly to say have a great party. Sorry I can’t stick around for more than one drink.
@KateKavanagh_ *hands @Sheree_Osborne a Cosmo* Awww…why? @AnaRSteele
@AnaRSteele @Sheree_Osborne Hi Sheree, thanks for stopping in…wish you could stay longer! @KateKavanagh_
@KateKavanagh_ *pulling @AnaRSteele to the side of the bar. Nodding at bartender to hand me her gift* Now, hun…I know what goes on behind closed doors.
@KateKavanagh_*eyes glossing recalling infamous email* *shakes head* Anyway, hope you enjoy this.*lascivious grin* I know Grey
@AnaRSteele *turning bright red* Holy Shit! RT @KateKavanagh_ hope you enjoy this.*lascivious grin* I know Grey will.
@BeaGrlFrmSydney @AnaRSteele @katekavanagh_ besides tearing it up, he can now chew it as well! Woohoo!
@KateKavanagh_*Hugs @AnaRSteele* and for nights two, three, four… *assessing her reaction* Hope you like them.
@AnaRSteele Oh, wow! *knowing @ChristianTGrey will.* RT @KateKavanagh_…and for nights two, three, four… Hope you like
@MrsRizzzough @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele Kate have you experimented with this lingerie with your very own Grey man? *winks*
@KateKavanagh_ *Blushing* I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise. @MrsRizzzough@AnaRSteele

@AnaRSteele *overhearing @DarlaRae* Did you say cake pop? Yum! Grab me one? @SweetKimmyGirl @MileHighClubGEH @KateKavanagh_@MiaGrey_

@DarlaRae @AnaRSteele @sweetkimmygirl @milehighclubgeh @katekavanagh_@miagrey_ I did!!! *grabs one off the table and heads back* here you go!
@AnaRSteele *laughing * No way *shaking my head @DRBgirl@ChristianTGreyknows this is “Ladies Only” @Yesy_18
@NotAPnkHat Looks like the #BachelorettePartyForAna is in full swing@MileHighClubGEH Good evening ladies! @AnaRSteele@KateKavanagh_
@AnaRSteele *hugging @NotAPnkHat* So glad you’re here Christine! @MileHighClubGEH @KateKavanagh_
@AnaRSteele *taking enormous gift basking from @mikanda_29* Oh my gosh, thank you! So glad you could make it to the party!
@AnaRSteele *mouth dropping open* RT @pantone431 *hands @AnaRSteele a gift* *whispers* Remember our leather conversation?*winks*
@AnaRSteele Oh. My. God. RT @CRISNASERENA @AnaRSteele … I hope u and@ChristianTGrey have fun with it, Congrats
@AnaRSteele Thank you, it’s beautiful! RT @cduffie31 *handing @AnaRSteele her gift.. with her & @ChristianTGrey‘s initials*
@DarlaRae @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele @SweetKimmyGirl @cduffie31 ok these damn things have to go *tosses shoes under a booth* now I can dance !

@SweetKimmyGirl @DarlaRae OH! Get it girl!!! @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele @cduffie31

‏@cduffie31 @SweetKimmyGirl @darlarae @katekavanagh_ @anarsteele*shaking it down shouting* when ya down down
@KateKavanagh_ Now, now, ladies! *smirks* Carry on. @SweetKimmyGirl @cduffie31@DarlaRae @AnaRSteele
‏@danapharand @KateKavanagh_ @AnaRSteele Heyy girls! I’m so so sorry for being late!!! I got tied up!! You girls are looking HOT! Kate those shoes! 😮
@KateKavanagh_ *winks .@danapharand* Tied up…riiiight *HUGS* So glad you’re here!@AnaRSteele

@TexasVamp @katekavanagh_ @milehighclubgeh OMG!! Over the top as it should be! Where are the shots??

@KateKavanagh_*points to bar* Have at it! @TexasVamp @MileHighClubGEH

‏@KateKavanagh_ *Smiling mischievously at the sight of the hunky @StripperMike sauntering in the club looking all official and under the radar.*

@StripperMike *Shoulders rolling, side stepping through the throng of women* Excuse me, we’ve been getting reports of a rowdy group up here.
‏@StripperMike Everyone sit down. Take a seat *resting my hands on my belt* We’re going to be here for a while.
‏@StripperMike *Heading straight for the woman in a make-shift veil* You don’t have anything sharp I can stick myself with, do you? @AnaRSteele
@AnaRSteele *Momentary panic as officer approaches. Getting a closer look, noticing he’s not carrying a gun and realizing what Kate’s done.* Oh, no….
‏@StripperMike *cocking a grin* Good, because I do. *Ripping open my shirt, backing@AnaRSteele down into the nearest chair*
@KateKavanagh_Wooo hooo! *Running up to @AnaRSteele shoving a wad of singles in her hand* Go, Ana!
‏@StripperMike *Lazily turning around to face the crowd of beautiful ladies, winking @SweetKimmyyGirl, reaching down and tearing away my pants.*
@StripperMike *Straddling the bride-to-be, gyrating my hips, stomach muscles flexing and releasing with each move.* @AnaRSteele
@AnaRSteele *Knowing my face is turning as red as the playroom walls, trying not to stare at the enormous satin bulge being thrust towards me.*
@StripperMike Got yourself a handful there, little lady, well almost, tuck one of them hands on in there.*rolling my hips* Drop a single. @AnaRSteele
@AnaRSteele *Giving in to the chanting crowd and tucking a dollar bill inside the tiny scrap of material @StripperMike calls a costume.*
@ChristianTGrey *Malevolent stare penetrating across the room, muscles tightening with rage at this fucking guy’s cock shoved in my fiance’s face.*
@ChristianTGrey *Vibrating with barely restrained violence, acting on impulse and stalking in long determined steps to @AnaRSteele*
@ChristianTGrey *Locking my fist at the back of @StripperMike’s throat and yanking the bastard back, sending him stumbling.*
@ChristianTGrey *Glaring @AnaRSteele, my pulse throbbing viciously* This would be when you tell me what the fuck you are doing, Anastasia?
@AnaRSteele *Oh shit!* Christian, what are you doing here? *The sight of@LukeSawyerGEH standing behind @ChristianTGrey telling me all I need to know.*
@KateKavanagh_ *Marching up, the scene on full display* @ChristianTGrey Get a grip, Grey. Just showing the bride a good –
@ChristianTGrey *In a haze of warped anger narrowing my eyes and cutting@KateKavanagh_ off * Stay out of this, Katherine. You’ve done enough.
 ‏@AnaRSteele *Watching @ChristianTGrey and @KateKavanagh_ locked in a venomous glare. Instinctively stepping between them. * Let me handle this, Kate.
@MiaGrey_*Darting forward all to-the-rescue like and stopping along side@ChristianTGrey* Christian, this is all in good fun. I mean, seriously.
@ChristianTGrey *Shifting my icy stare over to @MiaGrey_ effectively silencing her ill conceived logic.*
@ChristianTGrey@AnaRSteele *Running a hand through my hair, the muscle working in my jaw* Get your things. We’re leaving.
@AnaRSteele Don’t be ridiculous, Christian, the party has barely gotten started.@ChristianTGrey
@ChristianTGrey @AnaRSteele *snapping* Now, Anastasia. *holding out my arm in the general direction of the exit.*
@AnaRSteele *Blinking, @ChristianTGrey’s harsh tone making me feel like an errant child but not wanting to cause any more of a scene.* Okay.
‏@AnaRSteele *Turning to find @KateKavanagh_ holding my purse and coat. Taking them from her, offering a half-hearted smile and mouthing* Sorry.
@KateKavanagh_ *Smiling apologetically @AnaRSteele* No, I’m sorry. Call me later when you have a *glancing @ChristianTGrey* free moment.
@ChristianTGrey *My hand firmly cupping @AnaRSteele’s elbow, guiding her through@MileHighClubGEH and into a waiting elevator.*
@KateKavanagh_ *Texting @ElliotGrey_* Looks like I’ll be home earlier than I thought. I’ll explain Laters. Kate.*send*
@StripperMike *Throwing an arm around @Scorpio_Caro and the other around@LyMoZe* Let me show you ladies what I do for a twenty. *grinning*
 ‏@AnaRSteele *Enduring an excruciatingly silent car ride, my anger toward@ChristianTGrey’s thermonuclear reaction growing with each passing mile.*